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Sundial Solar LLC is a local New Hampshire based company and have been designing and installing solar projects since 2009 in NH. 
Our rates are the best, our service is next to none, and our reputation with our clients is impeccable.
Let us make your rooftop your latest revenue source.
Our office hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it and can I afford it?

  • The short answer is yes.  Most everybody can afford it. Between the state’s cash rebate and the federal tax incentives your system’s price is covered up to 50% for residential systems and even more for commercial businesses. 

  • The price depends on the size of the system you may need. However, our rates are the best rates in NH. Typical systems starts around $3.10 per watt for roof mounted and $3.50 for ground mounted systems.  We can more accurately assess this on the phone with you.

Does solar work in NH?

  • The solar industry grew over 350% last year in NH.  We get more sun than Germany (a nearly self-sufficient renewable energy country) and more than 35% of all homes in Germany are solar powered.  We can make your home or business self-sufficient using the free space on your roof almost exclusively.

Where are the materials made?

  • We only use American made products. All of our products come with a 25 year warranty.  Included monitoring software will allow you to see your system production in real time anywhere with internet.

Do you lease?

  • No. We are absolutely opposed to leasing. Owning is far and away the best way to go. If you lease you are tied to a contract or lease for twenty years & all the incentives go to the leasing company. We work with a lending institute for financing with no money down.


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Admirals Solar Loan

We assist our clients across New Hampshire with purchasing solar energy systems. Their innovative loan programs offer an alternative to help homeowners maximize returns on their investments.

Admirals Solar Loan Benefits

  • No equity or appraisals required
  • Quick pre-qualifications
  • 100% upfront funding
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Tax deductible interest
  • No payments, no interest, Same as Cash (SAC) for 18 months, on the Plus I (30% Investment Tax Credit) amount

Please contact our loan officer at Home Loan Investment Bank, Andrea Latifi at 800-223-1700 ext.899 or

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