An Off the Grid Mountain Home

Sun Dial Solar recently completed a solar panel installation in Bradford, NH. This mountain top cabin is now off the grid. Our system allows this property owner to heat the cabin, water, and supply enough electricity to support the cabin year round. The cabin is roughly 1700 square feet.

The system installed is 3.5kilowatts and is capable of retaining 4-5 days of battery capacity. You may be wondering why does it matter if the system has battery capacity? When designing a solar panel system for a property that needs to be “off the grid,” meaning it cannot be connected to the standard utility grid, there must be enough battery life to support a few cloudy days. It is also important that the battery system put in place is not so big that the solar panel system cannot support it. This property’s solar panel system can store enough energy for the home to last 4-5 days without sun.