Hybrid Home is Freed From the Grid

Sun Dial Solar completed a 7KW (kilowatt) solar system installation for a home in Hopkinton, NH. We have incorporated a hybrid domestic hot water system and a heat pump that will work with the client's solar panel system. These two additional features work well with the solar system and allow this home to be self sufficient for electrical and domestic hot water needs. 

What is a hybrid water heater you ask?  It is a new and very efficient technology. It is like a refrigerator in reverse, and works with ambient air in the basement.  Through an intake fan, air is compressed through freon. That heat is pushed into the tank and begins preheating the water to a certain temperature. Your own solar electric begins once that initial temperature is reached and does the rest of the work. For more information on hybrid water heaters, click here.


P6050614 - Copy.jpg

A heat pump works just like a hybrid hot water system. It cools the air in summer time and warms the air in the winter. The pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. It is most commonly used to take heat from the air or ground to heat a home or building. But you can also use this pump to cool your home by simply reversing the process. For more information on heat pumps, click here.


By adding these two tools to the home and tying them to the solar panels, this home is running at optimum efficiency. This is what allows these clients to be completely self-sufficient. Sundial Solar specializes in creating a solution that meets your energy needs, beyond the traditional panel installation, so you can maximize your solar investment. Call us today to learn more: 603-961-0045.