YOUR Rooftop Can Be A Revenue Source

These savvy clients in Rochester have not only greatly reduced their energy bills with this 7kw solar energy system that ties in hybrid hot water, they have increased the curb appeal by increasing the value of their home!  Now everyone driving or walking by will be green with envy.

This system makes particularly good use of roof space, allowing this family to achieve more independence from the grid than ever imagined.  Imagine this – your rooftop can be a source of revenue for years to come!

Call Sundial Solar today for your free quote and see how much green you can save, how green your friends will be and how green our planet can remain!

The cost savings alone are well worth the initial investment.  And with state and federal rebates, you too can enjoy the good feeling of "going green" and saving lots of green $$$ too!

Alternative energy is the way to go!  Use the sun and let us help you craft a local energy solution. Whether you own a home or business, we can help you reduce or even eliminate your energy bills.

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