Customer Testimonial

From Eric in Deering:  "Filled up the plug-in hybrid today:  $25 after 1030 miles, for an average 92.6 mpg.  And all the electricity used to charge it was provided by our solar array.  Woo hoo!"


Going green with Sundial Solar can get you this kind of result, too.  The cost savings alone are well worth the initial investment.  And with state and federal solar rebates, you too can enjoy the good feeling of "going green" and saving lots of green $$$ too!

Renewable, alternative energy is the way to go!  Use the sun and let us help you craft a local energy solution. Whether you own a home or business, we can help you reduce or even eliminate your energy bills.

Call Sundial Solar today for a free consultation: 603-961-0045.  And please like us on Facebook at Sundial Solar.  We hope to be working with you soon!