Why Sun Dial Solar?

  • 25 year warranty on all PV products!
  • 5 year warranty on OUR workmanship!
  • Internet monitoring software Included!
  • remote 24/7 performance monitoring for 25 years - FREE!

benefits of using solar energy in your home

  • Eliminated or reduced utility bills
  • Increased property value - (see below) *
  • Federal and state rebates and tax incentives
  • Depreciation for businesses
  • Clean energy - help the environment
  • Local property tax reduction (location dependent)

Sundial Solar is able to install systems that meet nearly ANY need by tailoring your system to your energy usage as well as your usable area. We have installed systems for those looking to eliminate dependence on the grid for electricity as well as for those who want to reduce monthly utility bills. You can read about our completed products on our Blog or Facebook page.

Previous installation pictures are also available on our Project Gallery.

Relying on solar energy reduces much more than your utility bills. Sun Dial Solar works to find EVERY rebate and incentive available to each consumer so that you pay as little as possible for your system. Most systems pay for themselves after 6-8 years depending on available rebates and Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

* Solar panel systems increase property value $20.00 for every $1.00 saved on annual utility costs. (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2012) That means if you save $1,000.00 a year on utility costs, your home value increases by $20,000.00!

Sun Dials Solar uses only top of line solar products from leading American solar panel producers.  Our American-made products have a proven market record of 20+ years, and have been field tested for this climate. More information is available on our Products Page.