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Sundial is a expert in battery design and installation. Let us design a backup solution for you that will power your home in a blackout.


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Batteries will Store, Manage

and Control your Power

Batteries and Smart electric panels help you manage your energy sources to intelligently support household consumption and to decrease your reliance on the grid. Manage your energy consumption to offset peak rates, lower your electric bill, and take full advantage of your solar system. 

Battery Solutions

Batteries are a critical component to electrification and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Sundial is a certified installer for many battery solutions. Sundial currently offers Tesla Powerwall 2 or 3, Franklin Whole Home Batteries, Enphase 5P Technology, Emporia Batteries and Energy accessories, Generac Batteries and Briggs and Stratton Batteries.

GMP Tesla Lease Program

Battery Solutions for Vermonters

Sundial is a proud partner of Green Mountain Power and Tesla. If you are served by Green Mountain Power, you have likely heard of the Lease or BYOD program.  Contact us and we can walk you through the program and options. We can install two Powerwalls at no additional cost besides what GMP discounts for the lease. Or, we can look at other manufacturers to use for hte BYOD program. We offer all the major brands such as Tesla, Franklin, Emporia, and Enphase. 


Car Chargers and Smart Homes

Many of our customers are looking for solutions beyond just solar. Sundial offers car chargers from Tesla, Emporia, Span, Chargepoint and others. We are also a certified installer for Smart Electric panels such as SPAN and Schneider Electric. 

EV Charging

Charge your electric car at home

If you have an electric vehicle and want to charge it from the comfort of your home, Sundial can provide you with an EV charging solution.

No more waiting on charging stations or paying higher rates to charge your electric car.

We offer all the major charging brands such as Tesla, Chargepoint, Emporia, SPAN, Enphase. Just call and we can get any charger you want installed as soon as you need it. 



SPAN is technology company and innovator that builds software to manage your electric loads.  We primarily utilize the SPAN Panel for electric load management. Their smart panel connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular LTE and is rated for indoor and outdoor installation. Each panel has 32 controllable circuits. We often pair SPAN with Franklin Whole Home Battery Solutions. 

Take Control of Your Power

It’s time to reclaim your energy independence.  Utilities will keep raising rates making now the time to pair batteries with your solar or add batteries as a backup generator. We will help you throughout the process and financing a battery project is as easy as ever. We work with a local credit union that will finance a project you OWN, at a low monthly payment.

Just 3 Steps to take control of YOUR ENERGY


Sundial will review your electric usage and design a project that will maximize your usage and rates. Our design team will take that design and present you with an upfront, fair proposal.


Sundial handles all the permitting, site assessment, & utility company coordination. Our install team will complete your install, typically in one day. 

3. Use YOUR Power

Store solar or grid energy for use at night and during power outages. You can use your app to control your usage and preferences. Minimize your grid usage and bill spend. 

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What Our Customers are Saying

“A Great Crew”

“Their crew did a very good job. We are very happy with all the work they have done and the systems we have.”

Dr. James, Newington

“So Happy”

“We are so happy with our system, we are now into our second year with surplus so we are getting an electric car!”

Brad,  Northwood


“As an engineer, I have looked at other installs but ours was far-and-away the nicest and best done. Thank you!”

Bernard, Chichester

“As Promised”

Our meter started spinning backwards from Day 1.”

Albert, Manchester

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