Solar Panels New Hampshire to Harness the Power of The Sun

Solar Panels New Hampshire as The Answer to Rising Energy Costs

The modern economic climate is nothing to scoff at. New Hampshire residents and businesses are facing an almost monthly increase in energy costs. Of course, there’s always the threat to environmental sustainability. The traditional energy sources, while useful, are getting out of hand when it comes to prices. These added expenses are making it nearly impossible to keep businesses and households running smoothly.

Enter the solar panels in New Hampshire from Sundial Solar. As local residents of New Hampshire, our team is well-versed in the climatic and economic issues going on. We understand the difficulty in trying to manage long-term expenses when you aren’t using any energy efficient means, such as solar panels in New Hampshire. Our team has completed hundreds of installations, helping our clients achieve energy independence and substantial savings.

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Why Choose Sundial Solar for Your Solar Panel Needs?

Local Expertise

As a local business, we understand the specific energy needs and challenges faced by residents and businesses in New England. Our solutions are built to withstand local weather conditions and maximize solar efficiency.

Customized Solar Solutions

We offer a range of solar panel options, the most common of which are roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems. You always have the prerogative to choose the option that matches your property’s energy needs and layout.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Sundial Solar uses only the highest quality equipment. Our inventory includes Enphase Micro Inverters, Tesla Inverters, QTRON 425 Watt all Black Panels, and integrated battery systems like Tesla Powerwall or Franklin Battery systems.

Comprehensive Service

We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. Our team provides a comprehensive service and educates you along the way so if you have any questions, we can answer them promptly. Our process includes site assessment, system design, permitting, installation, and ongoing support.

Competitive Pricing and Financing Options

You must have heard how the solar panel market in New Hampshire is not easy to afford. We are here to change that. Our technology only comes with the fairest of prices. Not only do we focus on cost-to-value, but we also keep your ROI in mind. We work with a local credit union that will finance a project you OWN, at a monthly payment for less than your electric bill.

The Sundial Solar Panel Installation Process

1. Free Consultation and Quote

We begin by evaluating your current electric usage to let you choose a solar system that covers your energy needs. Our team provides an upfront, transparent estimate keeping in mind your best interests.

2. Seamless Installation

Our experienced team handles all aspects of the installation, including permits, utility company coordination, and the physical setup. You can relax while we set up your energy-efficient solar system.

3. Ongoing Support and Energy Independence

Store solar or grid energy for use at night and during power outages. You can use your app to control your usage and preferences. Minimize your grid usage and bill spend. 

Why Going Solar in New Hampshire is The Answer

Cost Savings

Solar panels in New Hampshire are meant to reduce or even eliminate your energy bills. With solar, you protect yourself against rising energy costs and save money in the long run.

Increased Property Value

The real estate market in New Hampshire highly values homes and businesses with solar installations. Hence, it’s a wise investment to make.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Installing solar panels can earn you a 30% tax credit the following tax season. This is thanks to the Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

It’s Time

New Hampshire’s commitment to renewable energy is evident in its strong Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). They have stressed the need to obtain a higher percentage of electricity from renewable sources each year. For 2025, this is at 25%. The eligible renewable energy sources include solar, wind power, and hydroelectric power, among others. Local incentives, such as property tax exemptions and rebates, further enhance the appeal of solar power in the Granite State.

The average cost of solar panels in New Hampshire is $2.83 per watt. According to this, a typical 6000-watt (6 kW) solar system costs $11,878 after claiming the 30% federal solar tax credit. Interestingly, this is far less than the average price of residential solar power systems across the United States, which is currently $3.00 per watt.

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“A Great Crew”

“Their crew did a very good job. We are very happy with all the work they have done and the systems we have.”

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“We are so happy with our system, we are now into our second year with surplus so we are getting an electric car!”

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“As an engineer, I have looked at other installs but ours was far-and-away the nicest and best done. Thank you!”

Bernard, Chichester

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Our meter started spinning backwards from Day 1.”

Albert, Manchester

Ready to Embrace Solar Energy?

If you want to protect the environment and save yourself from the ever-increasing long-run costs of traditional energy, shift to solar panels in New Hampshire by Sundial Solar. Our experts will guide you through the entire process and make it all a breeze. In addition, we will ensure that you get a solution tailored to your home or business needs.

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